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28.05.2024 12:43

Røða: Atlantic Fair 2024



Mikudagin 28. mai fór Atlantic Fair 2024 av bakkastokki. Samanlagt 195 framsýnarar úr 20 ymiskum londum og 4,500 vitjandi taka lut á ráðstevnuni, sum er Klaksvík hesar komandi dagarnar. Aksel V. Johannesen, løgmaður, setti Atlantic Fair fyri løtu síðani. 

Setanarrøða løgmans til Atlantic Fair 2024

Dear guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to my hometown of Klaksvík. It is with great pleasure that we open the doors to the 11th edition of the Atlantic Fair and continue our tradition of bringing together maritime professionals and innovators from around the world.


I was born and raised here in Klaksvík. Not only is this a beautiful city with friendly people. Klaksvík is also the fisheries capital of the Faroe Islands. My first job, before moving abroad to study law, was at a fish processing factory here in Klaksvík. This is a common story for many others as well. Not only in Klaksvík but across the Faroe Islands.

Most people here have some kind of bond to the fishing industry in one way or another, whether it be at sea, in the factories, or in the offices.


Few nations are as connected to the sea as the Faroe Islands. For centuries, it has been the cornerstone of our economy, shaping our way of life and sustaining our communities. Our land might be small, but we consider ourselves a big Ocean Nation. And today, we proudly stand on the shoulders of generations who unlocked the potential of the sea.

Reflecting on our journey since the very first Atlantic Fair in 2001, the Faroe Islands have witnessed remarkable growth. Our population has grown, and today 90 percent of our population is connected by bridges and tunnels.

We have also seen transformative changes in the maritime sector. Our fishing and aquaculture industry now stands proudly among the world’s best and draws interest from far and wide.

Yes, as far as to India, for example. I visited the country last fall and shared our achievements in deep-sea fishing and aquaculture. There was great interest in our advanced ocean technology and fishing expertise.

This visit not only strengthened our international partnerships but also demonstrated our commitment to being an active global player in the maritime community.


Yet, our journey is far from over. This year’s fair not only highlights significant advancements in our industry. It also showcases our resilience and innovative approach. From the latest development in fish farming, to our ongoing transition to renewable energy sources, we are leading the way toward a more sustainable future.

The Atlantic Fair opens new doors and has continually grown in impact over the past two decades. And it is important that we continue to build on this success. The Atlantic Fair is a vital opportunity to explore, to learn, and to connect with the global maritime community.

And as we navigate the complexities of the 21st century and an ever-changing world, the collaborations and bonds formed at the Atlantic Fair become more important than ever.


To our exhibitors, visitors, and partners from around the world – thank you for being part of this. I have no doubt that the next three days will be filled with important exchanges and transformative ideas.

So, with these words, I declare the Atlantic Fair open.

Thank you for your attention.